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REAPERIA by phungdinhdung

This character I built to attend Blizzard Fest Contest hosted by Game Artisan. Along with the character, I need to create her own story. And here is the story along:

Reaperia - dead's bullet is what they call her at Korhal
Her codename is Reaperia, she was once a ghost on training at Ghost Academy on Tarsonis.During the attack of Mengsk on Confederate ghosts in 2497, she lost all her friends, lover and her one beloved family member ( that she was able to remember barely ) . Since then she vow revenge on Arcturus Mengsk and Sarah Kerrigan.
Later in 2499, having an unfinish Ghost abilities she joint a mercenary force lead by Ethan Stewart, a crime group financed by Dominion - Valerian Mengsk. She hope this connection can help her
 get to Korhal and closer to Aracturus 's world. 
4 years later, After Stewart was captured by infested Kerrigan in Project Blackstone incident, crime lord Stewart 's Mercenary forces and fortress collapsed and quickly disbanded, Reaperia along with some of other individuals from Stewart 's forces jointed as a team and escaped to Korhal . 
After years of lurking in Korhal as an mercenary, she met her former Ghost members and colleage - Reginald Morris. Morris was himself a psychic and a scientist agreed to help her building her own underground Mercenary forces and complete her Ghost training program. 
With Morris 's mad scientist help, She tried hard to become a deadly PSI- reaper and build her force bigger by days hoping one day she could be powerful enough to take revenge on Mengsk and Kerrigan.

Reaperia : 
Unit: Reaper, 
Former Ghost Unit. 
Spec : Reaperia 's reaper suit is different from ordinary reapers or Dead-Head Reapers,developed by Dr.Morris derived from original reaper 's kinematic blue print of Reaper Corps. 
The design is far too different that Dr.Morris proudly said that he re-invented the suit, Only the essential and mainframe features are kept and only taken as inspiration references.
The design completely remove the CMC Powered Combat Suit, adding custom high speed rotation kinetic motors drived by PSI drived-wire exoskeleton. In addition, Removing all the unecessary weight of the heavy armor suit, this combination enable the Reaperia to perform bullet speed and extreme maneuver operation on battle field. 
Dr.Morris also remold Marauder 's Quad K12 grenade Lanchers into a smaller mobile handgun version- a flag ship weapon of Reaperia 's troop. This hand gun version can shoot concussive shells bullets but with much smaller size but it is not much less powerfull compared to Marauder 's Quad K12 launchers.

Ability: PSI Ghost-like & Reaper unit. 
concussive Shell : Slow the movement speed of hit target. 
Jet Pack: PSI Drived Kinetic Motor Jet suit - allow Reaperia to jump up and down high cliff/ building. 
G-4 Cluster Bomb 
Dominate : Reaperia can dominate and take control of an enemy 's mind for a period of time due to her limited Ghost ability.



Dzung Phung Dinh
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation

Thunder Cloud Studio
Animations Game-Art Illustrations
It has been a long time since I updated my journal.

I have opened my own studio- Thunder Cloud Studio - specializing in 3D Animation , Game-Art and Illustrations, available for freelance/ out-sourcing works.
If you are interested in my services and works please visit :

Thunder Cloud Studio

or email me at :

Thank you all for your supports so far !

Best Regards,
Phung Dinh Dzung
ThunderCloud Studio

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WangJundu Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Writer
Without a great book to read, somewhere in your mind, without further ado, would just allow for some games to emerge - this speaking rather loud about your wishes, the dreams likely belonging to a lot of people back, inside your hometown.
the-silverware Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
You are really amazing. Come up with any compliment of your choosing, I'll just approve :)
natsu-D9 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Rainbow Wave Rainbow Wave ينا مينا مينا <Apachurro  يعني كل عام وانتو بخير كلكم Dance!< مو بس انتو كمان حتى اهلكم يقدرون يشاركون < محد يقلهم لا La la la laبعدين هالعيديه مني انا مو من اي احد عادي اليوم تروح عند امك او ابوك La la la laوتقلهم خلااااااااااص انتو حاجه مش طبيعيه < هما بيقولون ليش ويش صار قولو عبوووووود عيد عليكم < وانصحكم انكم تركزون حول امكم اهم شئ امكم اذا لقيتو جمبها w زنوبه فكو سبرينت Time to haul ass out of here!< دعابه عائليه ههههههههههه roflقبل ما اكمل تعيدي بالله مي مزه… كل عام وانتي في ملفي يا خقتي انتي Loveيا امس شعر فيه برتقاني ياهووو دايجبوب دايجبوبو فديتها شكلها يخقق وهي كذا تطالع < كف I'm going to slap some sense into you!
اي نشرب قهوتكم وحلاوتكم ونقلكم وجلستكم ما تنمل بسبب شوفتكم < وربي اني شاعر كبببببببببببير < هاو ماتش اي لووف مي LoveRainbow Wave Rainbow Wave هههههههههههه < حليلي اللي ع خاطري ع لساني 
Mate Argentino... o simplemente matecitos xD يالله قامباري وخلو العيد احسنLeek Spin o3o  واحسن كل سنه Ahooooy Matey!Rainbow Wave Rainbow Wave 
w جااااااانا Bye
Meditieren هااااااااااااااابي بيرث داي توو عيد هااااااااااابي بيرث داي تو عيد تو تو تو < بقس ابك هبي بيرثداااي Meditieren 
Crash dance Crash dance Crash dance 
Glinteraction Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer

Hi, my name is Gianluigi and i'm a Publisher, 3D Animator and Storyteller. My newborn publishing company, GL Interaction, is now working at the first issue of a new 3D digital/ Full interactive Magazine planned for

for the next weeks (possibility, foe example, to insert video gallery, photo gallery, links to website, 3D models in Augmented Reality, script html5 and so on). This magazine will be avaiable for apple and android devices. Within the next issues it would be great to insert some of  your amazing works and, if possible,  a link to a making of (but this is not necessary). That's it! if you're interested we need some full hd images of your works (with also images of production's stage: AO, Wireframe etc...), the label of copyright that we need to insert over the  pictures, and  some technical  information about the opera: name, software  used, information about special technics used, link to website and portfolio. Also, there's a possibility to use some materials for an animated cover.

Hoping in your reply, I offer you my most cordial greetings.

Dr. Gianluigi Lasco

phungdinhdung Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hello ! 
Thank you very much for the invitation, yes I could provide you with higher quality images of my works , please visit my studio website :"" for more works ,

if any pieces catch your attention please just let me know via email ( my contact email is "")

I would be happy to provide the needed materials and glad to be part of your magazine . 

natsu-D9 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
oh ohayo :wave: i just saw your animetion its wat i want but with bigger things he he :hooray:
u can tell me from where i can learn how to make something like this :faq: sugoi na :highfive:
i want to make a demo for final fantasy i want square enix to look on it and let me work for them :onfire:
vs3a Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chúc mừng sinh nhật bác :)
BluePhoenixDown Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Happy Birthday! :party::cake:
daeien Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Happy Birthday! :D :party: :cake: :party: :D
zJoriz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Congratulations ^_^
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